Rocco Ravishes Czech Republic, Scene #04 – Nessa Devil, Lelloy, Rocco Siffredi

Featuring Nessa Devil, Lelloy, Rocco Siffredi

Rocco makes a midnight assignation with Nessa Devil, a blonde with big, round boobs that pulls up in a white limo. She spirits him off to the bridge, where they drink champagne together. There’s a sudden cut to daytime, and Rocco walking on the beach with brunette Lelloy. He’s questioning her decision to go work back at his place where “it will be very, very hard.” Cut to Lelloy bound in a dungeon playroom in his rented apartment. Rocco slaps her over and over, and chokes her, whore-whispering “You’re so fucking beautiful” over and over. She pulls up her vinyl black dress to show off her crotchless tights. Rocco grabs her fat labia and starts yanking and squeezing them. She turns around and he starts spanking her pretty hard, and jerking her around by her air. “This is what you want? … Say, ‘Rocco, please, more'” he croons and slaps her more. Finally, he feeds her his dick, and pretty Lelloy slurps away, black hair in her face. Then when she doesn’t understand his English, he punches her in the stomach a couple of times, and makes her apologize and suck his dick some more. The rough stuff continues, until he ties her up and takes a nap. When he wakes, he leaves her tied up and goes into the other room. Nessa has shown up wearing a tiara, yellow plaid skirt and the free t-shirt Rocco gave her. “You are the princess of Prague,” he flatters, and they start making out. He fishes out her enhanced, oversized breasts and starts worshipping them, working his way down. Once she’s naked, she sucks his cock, then climbs up Rocco for a standing cowgirl, as he holds the slender girl up by her ass. After more lovemaking, Nessa is down in doggie on the daybed, and Rocco is working his oversize cock up her ass as she strokes her pussy and begs, “Slow, slow …” Soon he’s pounding her gape, and they switch to reverse cowgirl. Rocco invites her to abuse him, and she slaps his face while yanking his cock. She lays back and draws her legs up to show off the gape he’s made, and Rocco buries his face in it. He starts fucking her ass like crazy, and is just about to come when Lelloy starts screaming from the other room. Angry that she’s ruined his orgasm, Rocco sticks an inflatable dildo in her mouth, pounding it against her as she strokes his dick. He spits and slaps in her face, then pushes her to her knees and starts cock-choking her. Then, as Nessa watches from the door, Rocco bends her over and sodomizes her as he beats her with his closed fist on her back and shoulders. Then he drags Nessa over, and makes her slap and beat the other girl. “Tell her to suck your pussy,” Rocco snarls, shoving Lelloy’s face in Nessa’s crotch and punching the unfortunate girl about the head and shoulders. The kinky psychodrama comes to a head when he plays musical mouths with his dick until spurting all over them.

Watch Rocco Ravishes Czech Republic, Scene #04

Rocco Ravishes Czech Republic, Scene #04
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