Rocco Ravishes Czech Republic, Scene #03 – Viki, Tina Gabriel, Rocco Siffredi

Featuring Viki, Tina Gabriel, Rocco Siffredi

Tina Gabriel is a gorgeous, fresh-faced brunette waitress who Rocco met over facebook, and is now meeting up with him by the river. She introduces him to her friend Viki, who goes off with him while Tina promises to meet up later at his place. Back at the apartment, Rocco shows the place off, and grabs Viki’s ass: “Are you shy?” She sees a table full of dildos and a strawberry pie. She doesn’t like the dildoes, but she steals a strawberry to munch on. Rocco is inspired and grabs another strawberry, pushes up her top and bra, and eats the strawberry while he sucks on her nipple, drenching it in the juice. Next he shoves a strawberry up her pussy and eats it out, and then pushes another up her ass, the red juice cascading down all over her pussy lips as he mashes the fruit half-way inside. A messy, strawberry-infused blowjob follows, with Rocco squeezing the juice all over his cock, stuffing the fruit in her mouth, and pinching her nostrils shut. The fruit fetish continues through intercourse, as Viki clambers on his lap and bounces up and down on his cock. His “I (heart) CHIPS” t-shirt now stained red, Rocco puts Viki on her knees, pushing her face against the coffee table while stuffing it full of the rest of the strawberries, and then his toes. They take a break, and Tina enters. “Did you kill Viki???” she asks, seeing his red-stained t-shirt and the red-stained floor. “I didn’t kill her, I just fuck her,” Rocco explains, but Tina is upset that Rocco fucked her friend first. So she starts sucking his cock. Rocco shoves a vibrator up her ass, makes her suck it, then decides to give her the banana treatment, peeling one of the yellow fruit and fucking her ass with it. Then he rubs more bananas into mash over her generous boobs and stuffs the chunks in her mouth. After some analingus on her banana-enhanced starfish, Rocco sodomizes Tina generously, and they fuck and suck through several positions. Viki finally returns, and Rocco makes a feast of both girls, until finally spurting some hot creamy topping over their fruit-filled mouths.

Watch Rocco Ravishes Czech Republic, Scene #03

Rocco Ravishes Czech Republic, Scene #03
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