Italian sisters Marica Chanel and Tina will be the stars of Rocco Siffredi Academy 2018

SCOOP: Marica Chanel and Tina, two sisters from the north-eastern Italian province of Vicenza, are the stars of Rocco Siffredi Academy 2018.

Rocco Siffredi presented today, live on his Instagram Direct feed, Marica Chanel and her sister Tina R. The two young women, originating from a town near Vicenza, will be the main protagonists of the first Y2018 session of Rocco Siffredi Academy.

To launch this new episode of his Academy saga, to be held from 27 May to 2 June 2018, Rocco returns to hire new apprentices in Italy. In 2016 he launched Malena (Milena Mastromarino) as a novice pornstar who came from Southern Italy ad who sympathized for former PM Matteo Renzi. This year Mr Siffredi gets carried away by the wind of the North and brings to the fore two girls from a zone where the right-wing “Northern League” of Matteo Salvini is very strong.

In these very first twenty minutes of live video, Marica and Tina seem to know how to do it and they appear to be rather uninhibited. For the time being though they do not reveal details about their real identities, nor do they tell us where exactly they do come from (“Sorry, Dad!”, Marica says).

They anticipate instead that they will follow in the footsteps of the Dellai Twins, by realizing porn scenes where both of them will perform with Rocco and the boys of the Academy. And if Rocco is telling the truth, Silvia Dellai and Eveline Dellai themselves should be on the set of the Academy together with Marica Chanel and Tina R.

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While we wait to see new social updates from Rocco on the beautiful little sisters Marica Chanel and Tina, let’s watch their live videos of today.

A curiosity: the scoop of Marica Chanel and Tina went online exclusively via Instagram Direct. After having abandoned his YouTube channel years ago, and after having used for years  Facebook as the main channel of communication with his fans, for the first time Rocco has snubbed Mark Zuckerberg’s blue social network. Never mind if Instagram, too, belongs to Facebook: many players are showing little enthusiasm for Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica affair, and the Italian Stallion is always in step with the changing times!

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